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Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ

For many enthusiasts the Style 165 is the KING of the Wurlitzer carousel band organs. Only a few survive. This is one of the nicest ones with a rich and colorful history. It is one of the few deluxe ones with electric lights. It is in fine unrestored condition with a large library of rolls. Here is your chance to own a legend. Call today.

Seeburg H "Solo" Orchestrion

Here is your opportunity to own a fantastic and elegant Seeburg H Orchestrion! This is Seeburg's "Top-Of-The-Line" Orchestrion and one of the prettiest! Restored with a nice supply of "H" rolls!

Seeburg H "Solo" Orchestrion

Interior view of the Seeburg H orchestrion featuring: Pipes, Percussion, Piano, etc. A full orchestra at the drop of a nickel!

North Tonawanda Style 156 Band Organ in 1929 Dodge Truck

What a beautiful rig this is! A rare 1912 Syle 156 North Tonawanda band organ in a beautiful 1929 Dodge Truck. A perfect combination ready for use in parades and outdoor festivals. Price is surprisingly affordable! Call today.

North Tonawanda Band Organ and 1929 Dodge Truck-View of Other Side

The band organ plays 125 rolls and is in restored condition. A showpiece! More photos are available as well as videos. A perfect way to promote your business!

Seeburg Style F - America's Most Beautiful "A" roll Coin Piano

Seeburg Style F's are indeed a rarity. This is a beautiful example with flute pipes. It has very attractive art glass and hanging lamps. Call today for a very special price!

Coinola X Jazz Orchestrion with Bells

In the world of music machines it hard to match the snap and swing of the music from a Coinola X. From the bell solos to the syncopated percussion the X is a stellar performer! This is fine example with a richly figured tiger oak case.

Coinola X Percussion Close-up

The Coinola X plays the style "O" roll known for great arrangements, especially the Capitol arrangements.

Seeburg K with Flute Pipes

This is an outstanding and beautiful example of a Seeburg cabinet piano with pipes. Such instrument are quite rare. This one is beautifully restored and has an affordable price. It plays the "A" roll which are easy to obtain and feature very good arrangements.

Restored Knabe Ampico Hepplewhite Art Case

This fine reproducing piano is a bargain at just $6,000.00! Beautiful Walnut Art Case!

Cremona J Orchestrion

This was the top-of-the-line orchestrion for the Marquette Piano Company of Chicago. The cabinetry speaks of elegance from the beveled glass to the tiger grain oak case. It plays the style "M" roll which operates the violin and flute pipes, percussion and piano.

Cremona J Interior

Cremona did not spare any expense in using fine materials in the interior of this orchestrion from mahogany chest to birdseye maple veneer.

Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina Model A

An outstanding showpiece in the world of orchestrions is the Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina Model A. The A is very elusive. This is a prime restored example in a fine oak case. In an Arts and Crafts setting, this instrument would be a musical and visual showpiece!

Mills Violano Virtuoso Mahogany Case

This single Mills has survived the years in beautiful original condition. It plays well. It is getting hard these days to locate such fine Mills Violano Virtuosos.

Mills Violano Virtuoso Interior

The interior of this fine Mills is pure eye candy. Call today!

Oak "Bow Front" Mills Violano Virtuoso - RARE

Only about 12 of these survive. "Bow Fronts" were once popular in penny arcades and pre-prohibition saloons. For years this Violano was in a museum. This is YOUR opportunity to own a rare "Bow Front" Mills Violano Virtuoso!

Mills "Bow Front" Violano Virtuoso Interior

Beautiful museum kept interior waiting for a proper restoration to become a showpiece.

Coinola SO "Super Orchestrion"

This fantastic restored Top-Of-The-Line Coinola SO has a great history from Al Capone and Cicero, Illinois to Svoboda's Tavern in Chicago Heights. Best of all it plays the full scale of the Coinola "O" roll which feature some the best arrangements found on American Orchestrions. This is a rare opportunity to own such a rarity!

Coinola SO "Super Orchestra" Interior View

Few orchestrions can match the exciting sound from a Coinola SO. This Coinola is filled with instrumentation from pipes to piano to percussion. This is one of just three originals that exist.

Fantastic Wurlitzer Style C Orchestrion

This Wurlitzer orchestron is as GEM. It plays GREAT! It dates from the days of the grand pre-prohibition Saloon. Instrumention: Violin Pipes, Flute Pipes, Piano with mandolin attachment, and bells. A bargain price!

Wurlitzer C Orchestrion Interior

You can spend hours studying the fine interior details of this Wurlitzer. An outstanding restoration indeed!

Cremona K Orchestrion

Cremona K Orchestrions feature three ranks of pipes; violin pipes, flute pipes, and piccolo pipes. They also have percussion effects. They play the style "M" roll. This is a fine example.

Cremona K Orchestrion Interior

Wurlitzer Style 33 PianOrchestra

Large PianOrchestras are exceedingly rare! Rarer still is this Style 33 PianOrchestra with animated singing birds. This large impressive orchestrion has an elegant art case filled with orchestral pipework, percussion, xylophone, and orchestra bells. It has its history in NYC, possibly Coney Island. Nothing captures the Ragtime pre-Prohibition era like a PianOrchestra!

Link Style C Art Case Orchestrion

This ornate early Link Orchestrion has some of the most beautiful artglass found on an orchestrion! It is restored and features a large rank of finely voiced flute pipes. This is one of just 2 surviving his this style case. The price is very affordable.

Link C Orchestrion with Flute Pipes

One could spend hours studying the fascinating internal mechanisms on this Link Orchestrion from its endless roll to his vacuum/pressure pump.

Amelotti Twin Accordion Orchestrion

Get out the wine and cheese and imagine yourself in a French cafe listening to a Musette Accordion Band. This is the musical atmosphere this fine instrument brings to you. One could design a cafe around this unique orchestrion.

American Fotoplayer Style 15

This is an outstanding restored example of a rare American Fotoplayer! You can discover the era of silent films which were accompanied by Fotoplayers such as this. This is a compact Fotoplayer and is the only Style 15 known. It is ready to entertain you or entertain the visitors to your museum or vintage auto display.

Interior of Style 15 American Fotoplayer

The quality of the work is superb. Click on the picture and study the detail.

Wurlitzer Style 153 Band Organ

This Wurlitzer Style 153 is in nice playing condition with lights. It comes with the original top carving. The price is very affordable. The style 153 was Wurlitzer top-of-the-line 150 roll playing organ. It features automatic stops, swell shutters, and duplex roll frame. Call Today.

Link Style 2e with Xylophone

This nice playing Link 2E is simply a lot of fun to listen to and watch play. It is in a beautiful oak Mission case. It is perfect of a Tourist attraction or museum because at a drop of a coin the public will become captivated by it. Call today for a good price!

Violano Virtuoso Oak - Unrestored

This is a fine unrestored Mills Violano Virtuoso in a desirable quarter sawn oak case. It has a late style mechanism. It is affordable for the person who desires a well preserved instrument.

Violano Virtuoso Interior

Seeburg F with Violin Pipes

To many coin piano enthusiasts, this is the prettiest "A" roll piano. To have one with violin pipes is pure "A" roll nirvanna. This instrument has survived the years in superb condition. A gem indeed!

Seeburg E with Harmonic Flute Pipes

This tiger grain oak cased coin piano is in fine original condition with a restored player mechanism. It has very attractive art glass with side coach lamps. It has survived the years in pristine condition and is very affordable. It plays the style "A" roll which is easy to get and well known for good arrangments.

Electratone "A" Roll Orchestrion - Bargain Priced

If you are looking for an inexpensive unrestored "A" roll piano with a lot of potential, than this is it! The tiger grain oak case is very attractive. It has a very unique set of reeds that is original which works from special controls. The art glass is foil leaded and beautiful.

Coinola Style C Art Case Coin Piano

This is an unrestored gem with a most reasonable price! It has a fine walnut case and beautiful three dimensional art glass. It would be perfect of a tourism location. If you want, I will be happy to give you advice on who could restore it for you OR why not restore it yourself and have a lot of fun!

Seeburg "Drunk Monk" Style B Art Case Coin Piano

The Seeburg "Drunk Monk" is the most desirable "A" roll keyboard coin piano made by Seeburg. These pianos date from around 1912 and feature finely detail foiled art glass. This instrument is in nice condition and is a showpiece!

Seeburg Style A Coin Piano - Unrestored

This is a fine unrestored example of a Seeburg Style A coin piano. This Seeburg plays the popular "A" roll that is easy to acquire. A straight forward restoration with result in hours of musical enjoyment!

Mahogany Seeburg E with Flute Pipes

This piano plays very well and is perfect to enjoy the fine musical arrangements found on "A" rolls! The beautiful art glass allows a view of the flute pipes. Check out the low price on this fine coin piano!

Seeburg E in Fine Mahogany Case with Xylophone

This Seeburg has survived in near perfect condition and it plays very well! Yes it does play the popular "A" roll. It would be perfect for an automobile collection display or a tourism location.

Seeburg K with Xylophone

Another speakeasy prohibition era cabinet orchestrion that plays the Style "A" roll. The Eagle art glass is very attractive. Drop a coin in and have a lot of fun!

Seeburg KT Orchestrion with Xylophone

This fine restored Seeburg KT held forth for years in a prominent candy store. It plays the style "G" or "4x" roll which play the piano with mandolin, single stroke xylophone, castanets, triangle, and tambourine. This is a happy sounding coin piano that does not take up much room! Perfect for the condo owner!

Seeburg KT Interior View

Western Electric Mascot - Unrestored

The Western Electric Mascot is one of the most popular cabinet coin pianos. With piano and mandolin effect it made the drinks go down easy in Prohibition.

Weber Brabo Orchestrion with Styria Components

Weber orchestrions are known for the outstanding 1920's jazz musical arrangements of Gustav Bruder. This orchestrion was restored with instrumentation added to play the full Otero instrumentation and it sounds GREAT!

Weber Brabo-Styria Interior

This interior photo shows the high quality instrumentation of this fine Weber.

Wurlitzer Pianino - Late Style

This is a very cute coin piano! It has a stunning oak case with fine art glass. Only a few of these survive and it is perfect for the office! The Pianino is in nice playing condition and comes with a library of rolls.

Seeburg L Cabinet Coin Piano in Deluxe Case

Only about 3 of these are known to exist. This is a restored beauty. Note the beautiful art glass. It plays the popular "A" roll. A perfect coin piano for someone with limited space.

Western Electric Horse Race Coin Piano

A roaring twenties gem from the beer flat days of gambling and bootleg booze. This is a rare coin-op gambling coin piano with a great sound. When asked if she played the piano, she replied, "YA with a nickel!"

Western Electric "Mascot" Perfect for Tourism Location or Ice Cream Parlor

This bargain priced compact coin piano is perfect for a public location where the fascinating internal mechanism can be viewed while it plays. It is a money maker too!

WurliTzer CX with Roll Changer

For years this fine CX played for visitors to Tom Russo's Saloon on Throop Street in Chicago. With its Violin Pipes, Flute Pipes, Piano, Percussion, and Orchestra Bells, it really put out happy orchestrion music!

Interior of the ole Throop Street CX

This WurliTzer is just filled with toe tapping jazzy instrumentation!

WurliTzer Style O Photoplayer

A Photoplayer is literally a "one man band" where you can play all the instrumentation by hand OR play it from the orchestrated APP orchestrion roll.

You can also make old silent films come to life by playing a photoplayer along with one and adding the sound effect. A FUN music machine indeed!

Nelson Wiggen Banjo Grand Coin Piano

This compact oak cased coin piano is a rarity! It plays the full 48 note "A" roll range. A gem!

Seeburg "Monk" Piano

This piano was found in the are of Billy the Kid in New Mexico. It is a real GHOST TOWN coin piano with a stunning tiger grain oak case and the very desirable "drunk monk" art glass that got Seeburg in trouble with the Catholic Church!

Call today for a real piece of history!

Englehardt "G" Roll Cabinet Orchestrion

Unusual cabinet orchestrion with orchestra bells, cymbal, and soundboard percussion! Unrestored.

Englehardt Orchestrion Interior

WurliTzer 153 Band Organ with Lights

It is indeed rare when a WurliTzer 153 come on the market especially one as nice as this one! The 153 is America's favorite carousel organ. This is a beautiful example with optional electric lights.

Largest Traveling Concert Organ in the World

To many this is Carl Frei's masterpiece with 125 keys and hundreds of orchestral pipes and chimes. For many years this concert organ played in Germany at the major fairs including the Munich Oktoberfest to the roar of a huge portable roller coaster! This concert fair organ has a SUPERB rich sound! Recently restored with hours of music. Perfect for a state fair large carnival operator, large amuseument park, or vintage car display salon!

WurliTzer Style 150 Brass Military Band Organ

Brass, tiger grain oak, and a powerful sound characterize this outstanding band organ! AND its affordable and a bargain at $24,000.00.

Limonaire Carousel Band Organ

Limonaire is known for great sounding fair organs and this is no exception! It is beautifully restored with many books of perforated cardboard music!

Street Organ by Arthur Prinsen

If you like beautiful street organ music, then this street organ is for you. It comes with an animated director and boxes of book music. It is a perfect money maker or rally organ. It is available below replacement cost.

Wurlitzer 125 Band Organ with Five Trombones

Wurlitzer 125's with 5 trombones are a must for any brass band organ enthusiast. They are hard to find. This is a great example for a reasonable price. A GEM for the rallies or your private roller rink!

Wurlitzer Miniature Band Organ - A Rarity!

The Wurlitzer Style 50 Miniature Band Organ is rare and FUN instrument! Introduced in 1928 for Kiddie Rides, this dandy small band organ is perfect for your office!

Wurlitzer Style 50 Back View

Wurlitzer Style 50 Interior Front View

This gem is just full of pipes!

Wurlitzer Style 50 Band Organ Interior Back View

This compact organ has a pressure system. It is nicely restored.

Wurlitzer 145 Duplex Band Organ

This is a great band organ with a very nice looking case. It was built by Wurlitzer in the 1930's and has survived the years in beautiful playing condition.

Late Style WurliTzer 146 Carousel Organ

If you are handy than this band organ is for you. It is playing but needs cosmetic detailing. It is affordably inexpensive.

Late Style Restored WurliTzer 146 Carousel Organ

In the heyday, the 146 was a very popular carousel organ. This is a fine example of this style. Its ready to take its place in a carousel!

WurliTzer Style 125 Military Band Organ

This late style 125 has five internal wood trombones. It has beautiful brass trumpets. It plays the popular 125 roll which is easy to get.

Rare Pneumatic Calliope by Joe Ori Attributed to Barnum & Bailey Circus

44 Whistle Calliope, hand played, with attractive circus style wagon. This is a true Circus calliope! Ori calliopes were the favorites of the circuses and even played with the circus bands. This is a fine and rare calliope with a very reasonable price! Call today!

Joe Ori Pneumatic Calliope Keyboard View

Joe Ori Calliope Brass Whistle View

Joe Ori Pneumatic Calliope Patent

Cozatt "Steam Boat" Style Calliope

A beauty by anyone's description! This "A" roll operated calliope has 44 whistles, is easy to play, and is elegant in its fine wood and brass case! Take it down the Mississippi and have a lot of FUN! This calliope is in new like condition eventhough it was made years ago.

Cozatt Calliope Keyboard View

Cozatt Calliope Roll Player View

Wurlitzer 44 Whistle Caliola w/Keyboard

The Wurlitzer Caliola was Wurlitzer's answer to the Calliope. The Caliola was introduced in 1928. They are very rare today. This one features the opinional keyboard for hand playing. It is a fine instrument.

Wurlitzer Caliola Keyboard

Tangley Calliaphone

This calliope was built a number of years ago and has hardly been used. It is in new like condition. The price is affordable. It plays the style "A" roll.

Regina 27" Changer with Oak Case

The Regina 27" Changer is a spectacular piece for any home or office! It is a showpiece of mechanical design and cabinetry. This is your opportunity to own one!

Beautiful Aeolian Orchestrelle

Of all the player reed organs, the Aeolian Orchestrelle was the most beautiful. This fine instrument has a most reasonable price!

Connover 1893 Chicago World's Fair Art Case Vertical Grand Piano

This special vertical grand carved art case piano was built for the Chicago's World's Fair in 1893. It is a perfect candidate of a Live Performance Digital piano playing system!

Animated Swiss Alpine Band

Imagine yourself in Switzerland enjoying a view of the magnificent alps and listening to traditional Swiss music. Let this large animation display take you there!

Gold Mine Arcade Machine

The Gold Mine Arcade Machine is one of the most attractive ever made! This is a fine display piece!

Gold Mine Arcade Machine Close-up

Grandma Fortune Teller

Football Arcade Machine

One Arm Bandit Slot Machine

Polyphon Mikado 24" Discs

This is a nice example of the elusive Polyphon Mikado, one of Polyphon's most impressive disc music boxes! A Bargain price. Call today!

Acrobat Automaton

Automatons are getting harder and harder to find. This is a fine example of an acrobat automaton. It is a showpiece.

Magician Automaton

This is a wonderful automaton! It is fascinating to watch operate. This is a very special piece!

Trade Stimulator Nodder Automaton

There are nodders and then there are NODDERS! This elegant gent is very unique piece! With his silver tray he will be happy to sell you his fancy wares!

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